XiltriX Alarm and Monitoring System

XiltriX is the industry standard service in providing data analysis, reporting and documentation for compliance and validation worldwide.

XiltriX is a professional service which provides its partners with the tools to acquire complex laboratory data relating to processes and critical ambient conditions in real-time 24 hours a day. These processes and conditions are compared against strict preset parameters which are put in place to protect your scientific work.

If these scientific processes were to fail then you will be alerted immediately to take corrective measures and the XiltriX solution can analyse the data records in order to identify the anomalies. On the basis of the acquired data, the XiltriX team can complete rigorous process analyses.

Cryo storage is increasing rapidly worldwide in both liquid nitrogen storage as well as vapour phase storage.  XiltriX has made it possible to to receive very detailed data from your tanks and repositories directly into the XiltriX user interface. This is both convenient and very cost effective. This new initiatve is called CryoXiltriX.

CryoXiltriX is compatible with all types and brands of cryogenic vessels from small and large liquid vessels to small and large vapour phase vessels.

CryoFill controllers can be connected to XiltriX and will act as a substations to the monitoring system.  XiltriX communicates directly with CryoFill, monitoring all parameters and actions such as temperature, LN2 level, lid movement and filling actions. All data is securaly stored and can be accessed via the XiltriX web interface. If a problem occurs a wide range of alarming options ensures the user is notified and can take action.

The XiltriX Alarm and Monitoring System is a product developed and owned by XiltriX B.V.