Cryo Products B.V. overview privacy approach

We would like to inform you about the handling of your personal data.

How do we protect and process your personal data?
Cryo Products B.V. takes the security of your information seriously at all times. You can assume that we take the utmost care in protecting both your data and ours.

Are you interested in a job at Cryo Products B.V.?
After receiving your data, we will contact you for an introductory meeting. If you actually work with us, we are legally obliged to include your data in our HRM and payroll administration. In the unlikely event that there is no match, we will delete your data from our systems within 30 days.

Are you, or will you be a customer at Cryo Products B.V.?
Then we will include your data in our CRM. Due to the topic we will approach you as soon as possible to make an appointment or issue a free quote.

Do you want to sell a product or service to us?
If we are interested, we will contact you via the contact details provided. If you are ultimately a supplier of Cryo Products B.V., we will include this information in our CRM and financial administration.

Do you send us your personal data for another reason?
We will do everything in our power to protect these personal data as referred to in the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR). We will only use the personal data for the purpose for which you have shared this information with us.

Do you want to know what data Cryo Products B.V. has collected from you? Or do you want to correct your data or have it removed?
Send a message to and we will arrange the necessary.

Do you disagree with the way we process and protect your data?
Always contact our office via +31 88 0186300. If you still disagree, please contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.