Cradle to cradle – sustainable, circular economy

News / November 21, 2019

Today, with so many environmental questions around, we all want to try and achieve a best possible green foot print. And we should all aim to make the best use of all available resources.
A very good way of actually hitting those goals in industry is to refurbish and up-grade. And that can apply to things you might not think of – such as your existing bio storage vessels. Yes, you could consider refurbishing them instead of replacing them for new!
This can be both economically and environmentally beneficial; a technical up-grade, avoiding replacing the whole vessel, will help the environment. Older vessels aren’t wasted and your costs will be significantly reduced – and that could be by up to 75% ! With the right vessel and right upgrade we can extend life spans another 10 years.
The refurbishments Cryo Solutions offer on bio storage vessels can include:
• a complete overhaul - upgrade of the automatic filling unit with a new ‘CryoFill’
• a complete vessel refurbishment - lid, cabinet top and re-vacuum of insulation
• an upgrade from liquid nitrogen storage to “dry” gas phase storage. This, so you can store samples at the highest safety level and prevent cross contamination

When we perform a ‘CryoFill’ up-grade for existing vessels, we exchange all sensors, solenoids, cryogenic hoses and safety relief valves and give a full warranty on the complete automatic filling unit. We have installed these units widely on many types of vessels such as Taylor Wharton/Worthington, Chart Biomedical MVE, Air Liquide, CBS, Cryo Anlagenbau, Cryo Diffusion, Wessington and Messer/Cryotherm.

A big advantage of refurbishing existing vessels with the ‘CryoFill’ is that all operational procedures will then be the same, no matter what age, type or brand of vessel you have. This makes managing vessels much easier and also safer. And it should simplify the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and help reduce the risk of any mistakes being made using complicated separate routines.

The ‘CryoFill’ automatic filling unit is a sophisticated device and it can work with most commonly used level measurement systems. It is fully compatible, via Modbus, with most alarm and monitoring systems giving direct and remote read out of relevant data. This means that in case of a malfunction or an alert you can access the ‘CryoFill’ getting the necessary data remotely. You can determine whether or not immediate intervention is required from your desk. This is especially convenient out of office-hours in the evening, the weekend or during holidays. You can even remotely access all relevant data from the comfort of your home!

The ‘CryoFill’ comes equipped as standard with the following features:
• Colour touchscreen: changes colour when there is an alarm
• Hot gas bypass
• Defog function
• Single or double fill valves
• Timed filling

And some new features are:
NEW High temperature alarm / control sequence
This is our newest software feature which we offer for controlling the temperature in the neck of the vessel. By that we mean that this can set the high temperature control alarm - which activates a liquid nitrogen injection into the vessel, avoiding the purge and gas bypass sequence. When doing this, we momentarily increase nitrogen evaporation which in turn lowers the temperature in the top of the vessel. This is especially helpful when the lid is open for longer time periods. We expect this to be especially helpful working with wide neck vessels when an operator is searching for samples.

NEW One Fill All Fill for ‘CryoFill’
This is our new software option for optimising the filling sequence of liquid nitrogen storage vessels. The aim is to minimize liquid nitrogen consumption and leave the lowest possible amount of gas in a room.

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